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The Elvasio Vesprini & Rita Nardoni Farm has been involved since 1981 in a series of activities associated with agriculture and the country in general, which range from growing and transforming products cultivated on land owned and rented, to breeding poultry to the management of a farm holiday centre.

The competence of the Vesprini family comes from a long tradition of family farming.
Innovazione e ricerca della qualità fanno dell'azienda una delle realtà più attive e promettenti della zona grazie all'unione di una sapienza che viene dalle conoscenze tramandate e di investimenti che ne qualificano la produzione in ambito locale, nazionale ed europeo.

Innovation and the pursuance of quality make the farm one of the most active and promising enterprises in the area thanks to the combination of wisdom that comes from know-how handed down and investments that mark the product out at a local, national and European level.

Who We Are
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